Who We Are

The League is an incorporated association under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic). Governed by a Board and supported by a committee of representatives from each team. Our Board has been elected from our members, in accordance with our Rules of Association.

The Board
President Katrina Annan
Vice-President Shaun Zapadlo
Secretary Adrian McMillan
Treasurer Renee Hawkett
Community Liason
Patrick Psaila
General Manager John White
Game Day Manager Shaun Zapadlo
Bar Manager Mia Audrey

Team Representatives 

Team Representatives are nominated by their teams and reviewed annually by the Board. Team Reps, like all players are guided by the RPFL Charter, which applies to all participants of the League.

During 2021 Team Reps will also complete mediation training to become the Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) point of contact for their team.

Our 2022 team representatives are:

Patrick Psaila Merri Creek Tavern Bats
Eliza Herbert Vic Hotel Galahs
Therese Allaoui Lomond Barracudas
Annie Belcher Stingo Easybeats
Mim Harrison Workers Club Lions
Frankie Railway Gougers
Jennifer Bryant Old Bar Unicorns
Taryn Rae The Tote
Nicole Roberts Labour in Vain Pain

The Renegade Pub Football League is able to maintain itself year to year due to its committed community and the combined effort from a number of people covering a number of roles across the league. Some roles are voluntary, and some are paid roles. These are outlined in our Role and Responsibilities document.

Official Photographer – J not Jay

J Forsyth is a Melbourne-based freelance photographer and former Pub Footy player for the Tote. J is the official Pub Footy photographer documenting the league for the love of it. If you would like to order any of J’s photographs or Pub Footy Player Cards please send her an email and check out her website

The Important Stuff

Our Policies

Rules of Association

Every incorporated association has rules by which it is governed, a copy of the RPFL Rules of Association can be viewed here.

Getting in Touch

Email us at renegadepubfl@gmail.com